Station adoption

We're on the lookout for volunteers at our stations. If you have seen Henley-in-Arden station recently, you may have noticed all the fantastic work that the adopters have done there and the gardens at Leamington Spa station are also the work of our fantastic volunteers over many years. Station adoption enables individuals or groups to adopt their own local railway station a, playing an active role in reviving and enhancing their local station.  

There are many benefits of station adoption to: the health and wellbeing of volunteers; the sustainability, development and cohesion of the wider community; and the success of the railway and how it serves its passengers. At a time when we want to encourage people to use public transport, tackle the social isolation that Covid-19 has caused, and empower people to improve their local areas, station adoption is more important than ever – hence it’s supported and encouraged by government, the rail industry and others. 

We have station adopters at most of the stations in the area, however new volunteers are always welcome. If you are interested in adopting a station that currently has no 'Friends of...' group, then the CRP can support you and provide guidance as to how to set one up.  

Please see the list below to find out if your local railway station has been adopted.

Adopted Stations

Unadopted Stations

  • Bedworth
  • Bermuda Park
  • Birmingham International
  • Coventry
  • Warwick Parkway