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Friends of Hatton station

Friends of Hatton station

Friends of Hatton Station is a group of local residents who help maintain the planters and wild border on this station operated by Chiltern Railways. They formed in 2012 when they received a grant from Warwick District Council to build and maintain the planters situated on Platform 2/3 and at the entrance to the “new” car park.

A display poster on Platform 1, kindly donated by Hatton Country World, gives an illustrated history of the station. During its heyday in the 1950s this busy junction station saw over 40,000 passenger journeys each year; a figure that has now been exceeded in 2018 thanks to the service provided by Chiltern Railways and West Midlands Railways.

If you live in Hatton and would like to join their group please contact the co-ordinator Paul Tilley on 07773 416819.

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