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Curious Trails

Banner with a man's head in silhouette with an image of trees in the hair.  Words - Make your connection. Curious Trails


The Curious Trails in partnership with The Curious Boys and Girls Club, is an artist-led walk through the urban and green spaces across the region, kick-starting a range of events specifically aimed at reaching black men ( described as those who identify as men) aged 25+.

The Curious Trails, invites men to connect with others, building relationships and explore their creativity through photography and illustration.

In this fast pace digital world it’s important to slow down and take notice of your surroundings.
During the walk, you will be invited to engage with tasks set by the artists, taking moments to rest, reflect, explore, and talk.

This event is led by Cory and Gordon who form The Curious Boys and Girls Club, a growing community of local creatives. Who have lived experience of life and care about men and their mental health.

Interested? Apply online using our quick sign-up form using the QR code below.  

Saturday 25th March 10am - 3pm, meeting at Coventry Railway Station and travelling to Rugby.
Saturday 1st April 11am - 2pm, meeting at Coventry Railway Station for workshops in the Community Hub at the station

The sessions are free to attend and rail travel to and from Rugby from Coventry on the 25th are covered by the CRP.

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