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Sustainability practices

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council

Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council have developed the following initiatives:

  • Planting for the Future - the council has pledged to plant 250,000 trees, and enhance the wider environment, from meadows to green roofs!
  • Solihull Town Centre Energy Network - an innovative project to provide low carbon heat and power from a single energy centre directly into town centre buildings.
  • Wildlife Ways - an ERDF multimillion pound project to invest in the local wildlife and green spaces, and to ensure that residents can access their ‘wild spaces’.
  • Solihull Walking and Cycling Strategy - is the Council’s overall approach to active travel in the borough, supporting the delivery of cycling and walking infrastructure, improve accessibility and ensure future developments cater for cycling and walking.
  • Electric Vehicle Strategy - sets out the Councils approach to ensuring petrol and diesel vehicles in the borough are replaced with low carbon electric vehicles.
  • Connected Autonomous Vehicles Trial - in a bid to shift to the next generation of mobility solutions, this project is investigating the use of self-driving, independent operating vehicles.
  • Solihull Green Homes Grant - supporting residents to make green improvements to their homes.

More information on Solihull's initiatives